New York Auto Show: April 22 – May 1, 2011

The New York Auto Show is set the be center stage in just a few weeks. The event takes place April 22 through May 1 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center 11th ave between 34 & 40 Streets. The 2011 Auto Show will feature some of the hottest cars and trucks ever seen all under one roof. That means more sneak peeks, more brand new ’11 & ’12 production models and more concept vehicles than ever before.

The 2013 Chevrolet Malibu will make its international debut in China on Tuesday, April 19. Chevrolet will also debut the car on its Facebook page at the same time and will stream the reveal live on iPad and iPhone. The Malibu show car will also be on display two days later at the New York Auto Show. As a 2013 model, A production car should debut within the next year and go on-sale by mid-2012. The Malibu, previously a North American car only, will become GM’s latest global car in its eighth generation and the Chevrolet brand’s first global midsize sedan. Chevrolet says the next Malibu will be sold in 100 countries on six continents and built at multiple plants around the world.

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Jaguar C-X75 Concept: A Range-Extended Electric Supercar

The C-X75 concept is designed as a range-extended electric two-seater supercar, it explores the outer limits of both performance and sustainability. With plug-in capability the car can achieve a zero tailpipe emissions range of 68 miles when running under battery power alone. The car demonstrates that it is possible to retain Jaguar’s core values of performance, design and luxury using technology that will make environmentally responsible performance and electric vehicles a practical proposition.

The aim was to produce not only the most innovative but also one of the most beautiful Jaguars ever; one which hints at an exciting evolution of the marque’s award-winning design language while paying homage to some of its most admired cars of years gone by. Advanced design features such as a ground-breaking propulsion system and active aerodynamics allow for an elegantly simple fuselage section that remains stable at very high speeds.

The C-X75′s 580kW (778bhp) propulsion system combines powerful 145kW (195bhp) electric motors at each wheel for outstanding performance. At the center of the car sit state-of-the-art, mid-mounted micro gas-turbines. These can either generate 140kW (188bhp) to charge the batteries and extend the range of the car to a remarkable 900km (560 miles) – enough to drive from London to Berlin on a single tank – or when in Track mode provide supplementary power directly to the electric motors. The four electric motors provide torque-vectored, all-wheel drive traction and grip, essential in a car that produces 580kW (778bhp) and 1600Nm (1180lb ft) of torque.

The car’s interior is equally impressive, with the driver and passenger seated ahead of a sealed airbox that houses the micro gas-turbines. The seats are fixed to the bulkhead as in a single-seater racing car, and air to feed the turbines passes smoothly around them via channels in the structure of the body. With the seats anchored in place, the steering wheel, controls, main binnacle and pedal box all adjust towards the driver.

A new interface for the driver has also been created for the C-X75 using high-resolution TFT screens. Building on Jaguar’s 10-year expertise in touchscreen technology, the Jaguar Co-Pilot display in the center console supports the driver in extracting the full potential of the C-X75 by seamlessly managing information.

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