Chrysler 200 to Arrive in 2011

2011 Chrysler 200 sedanThe Chrysler 200 is slated to replace the outgoing Chrysler Sebring for 2011. The Chrysler is hopeful for the 200, as it will wear entirely new front sheetmetal with new lighting elements. The decklid also is new and will incorporate LED taillights. Under the hood, the 200 is powered by either a 2.4-liter four-cylinder mated to either a four-speed or six-speed automatic – depending on model trim, or the company’s lauded 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 engine.

Extensive changes have also been made to the interior, with cabin updates including a new instrument panel, redesigned seats, acoustic laminated glass for lower sound levels and revamped HVAC outlets. Stay tuned for the arrival date of the impressive 2011 Chrysler 200!

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Chevy Volt Has Arrived in the U.S.

There has been much media attention over the new all electric Chevy Volt. And now, the Volt has officially arrived in America. Chevrolet started rolling the first Volts off the assembly line and onto car haulers on Dec. 13, sending them off to anxious customers who have been waiting months for their electric car, or advanced hybrid or whatever you like to call the Volt.

The five-door compact hatchback 2011 Chevrolet Volt is GM’s first electric car. It provides 40 miles of battery range, plus a further 300 miles from a gasoline engine-generator that sends power directly to the car’s motor. It represents a major advance over gasoline-electric hybrids like the Toyota Prius, and its major competition is likely to be the Nissan Leaf.

The Volt was unveiled—to wide public acclaim—as a concept car at the 2007 Detroit Auto Show. Only 10,000 or so will be built for the 2011 model year, and perhaps 60,000 a year thereafter. It uses some of the same mechanical elements as the upcoming Chevrolet Cruze compact sedan, but only the Volt has a lithium-ion battery pack located in the tunnel between the front seats and extending under the rear seat. It drives entirely like a “normal car,” although without any transmission shifting noises, and like most electric cars, its acceleration from a stop is brisk and continuous. So for those who have been waiting months, even years, to get their hands on a Volt, the time may be very near.

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Tips for Truck Shopping Online

In the past decade, the truck market has grown quickly, with many model choices of new trucks, as well as a huge used truck market. One of the best ways to find the truck you are looking for is to start with some research online. Once you know the specific make, model, and trim of truck you want, it is time to search for your new or used truck, and doing it online is easier than ever.

Finding trucks for sale online is a great way to go because of the sheer number of choices you have, the chance to avoid the pressure of a car salesperson and the ability to save thousands. There is also plenty of information that will help you get the best deal possible when you shop for a car online. First, spend some time online, searching through your options and contacting various dealers. The best chance you have at getting a great deal is during a rebate. If you are patient you can find a superb deal.

You should always do your homework when shopping for your next vehicle. Not only does that mean finding out everything you can about the model you want, but it means sorting through the competition to find the best deal. If you find that an online dealership, such as Dewey Dodge Jeep, has a great Dodge trucks Iowa inventory and is offering a great deal, it may be worth it to travel out of state to purchase. On the other hand, there is something to be said about the convenience of finding a deal just down the road.

If you are looking to lease, you may also be able to do this online. Information on down payments, lease terms, monthly cost and insurance types is invaluable. Also, good car warranty advice will tell you that it is your responsibility to keep up with the regularly scheduled maintenance in order for the manufacturer to hold up their end of the bargain and that you should know exactly what the warranty does and does not cover. Especially if your warranty is out of state, and say,  from a new dodge trucks Iowa dealership, make sure you know exactly what you sign on the dotted line for, and if there is anything in the written material that you do not understand, always ask.

When you are in the market for a truck and you’d like to shop online, there is some good advice out there for the taking. A simple search online will yield many pieces of valuable information that can mean the difference between paying too much and a bargain. Whether you find a new Dodge truck in PA, or an unbeatable deal from a used Dodge trucks Iowa dealer like Dewey DCJ, researching and shopping online for vehicles is well worth your time!

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Guide to Finding the Right Pickup Truck

While trucks of the past were basic work vehicles, serving the purpose of high payload and towing capability, trucks of today are available in a vast array of design, cab configurations, powertrains, bed lengths, and styles. From the barebones heavy duty work truck to the ultimate in luxury, it can be a difficult process to sort through all of the makes, models, and types of pickup trucks that are available today.  Today’s drivers have plenty of choices, from basic work trucks designed to haul cargo to option-filled trucks that rival a luxury sedan. So how do you choose the right pickup truck? One way to get started is to take some time to analyze your wants and needs. And once you know what type of truck you want, where do you find it? While many truck shoppers choose to limit their selection to what they can find at their local dealership, more and more consumers are willing to go out of state for that perfect truck.

Why go out of state? Modern trucks, whether new or used, are often vary specific to the overall purpose it will serve. If a consumer is looking for a truck for everyday commuting, and once in a while hauling and towing, they may be interested in a more upscale cabin. If their local dealerships have no trucks of this description, then it becomes necessary to look out of state. Say you have searched the internet and found that perfect truck at a dealership that specializes in Ford trucks in Iowa, such as Dewey Ford. What’s next? The steps to finding a truck are almost always the same – pick your make, model, trim, and options, register and get insurance. But once you drive off of the lot, the differences between buying in your home state and buying out-of state can become pretty clear.

If you buy your truck out of state, you will notice that the wait period for the title is significantly longer than it is buying in state. Once you have received the title you must take it to your local notary along with a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance. The notary will convert your out of state title into an in state one, after which, you will proceed to pay taxes and buy plates. The next step is simply waiting for your plates and stickers, after which, the transaction is finally completed and you can hit the pavement.

One plus is that you may be able to find the truck of your dreams for a lower price if you look in the right places. For example, if you live in PA, used vehicles may have suffered from the wintry conditions that are found there, while used Ford trucks in Iowa may be in better shape and have less rust. Most cars in the North East or other busy metropolis areas will be used and abused far more than a truck in a milder state. Plus, big cities often have pot holes. The north has such a variation in weather each year that is no wonder why used trucks in the upper regions of the United States are far rougher around the edges than cars located in the countryside or in a western state.

New trucks can even be shopped for outside of the state you live in, and the internet makes that extremely simple. If you take the initiative to locate a vehicle out of state, which will offer more selection, it is possible to save a couple of hundred, even a couple of thousand, off of the retail price. For truck shoppers, the final choice of buying in state and out of state must be weighed with the pros and cons. If a dealership such as Dewey Ford carries new Ford trucks in Iowa and the available model is exactly what you are looking for at a better price than your local dealership, you may want to consider this. For some the trouble of buying out of state is just not worth it, but for others, they will go anywhere for the best deal!

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2011 Lincoln MKX: Advanced Connection Technology

In the past few years, as Lincoln is trying to solidify its place in the auto market, the automaker’s vehicles are now more luxurious and have a more consistent, family look. One vehicle that proudly represents these aspects is the 2011 Lincoln  MKX, which is newly revised  and restyled to take on that family appearance. And inside, the new MKX adds some advanced technology and connectivity solutions that will impress anyone.

So what has changed for the new MKX? It gets a complete revision, including powertrain, exterior styling, and of course updates to the cabin.  The interior of the MKX is where it really shines. The interior is quieter, thanks to thicker acoustic windshield glass and a more robust engine cover. The seats and door trim have higher-quality leather and wood trim, and the center stack is all-new. Instead of buttons and dials, the center stack now uses touch-sensitive surfaces with white illuminated indicators.  Most interesting, though, is MyLincoln Touch, which will also be rolled out as MyFord Touch and MyMercury Touch. This system features two 4.2-inch LCD screens in the instrument cluster on either side of the speedometer. It uses two five-way controllers on the steering wheel to operate them. The left screen is used to access vehicle information, including the trip computer. The right handles the phone, navigation, entertainment and climate controls. These functions are also controlled through the next-generation Sync system, which, in the MKX, features an 8-inch touch-screen in the center stack.

Connectivity is comprehensive, thanks to a media hub with three RCA auxiliary input jacks, two USB slots and an SD card slot. It also offers Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi system turns the vehicle into a mobile hotspot when customers plug their mobile broadband modems into a USB slot. And the SD slot can also be used to store any shortcuts a driver creates and move them to another vehicle.

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